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Tweets for Today

  • 01:45 dear iPhone SDK - download faster damnit! #
  • 03:49 is finding an Erotic Superstore hilarious #
  • 04:32 @reallifecomics - just got the signed art prints. You rule, and glad I could help. #
  • 07:31 may have just lost 2/3rds of his mp3 collection... fuck. Hard Drives just don't like to be dropped... even 1ft. :( #
  • 07:44 has put the HDD in the freezer, which may be the last hope. Cold storage indeed... #
  • 17:18 doing some last minute work, and hoping the frozen hdd works now... #
  • 18:21 Just took my 27th mugshot! www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/2363 #
  • 20:03 is not sure if the hdd is screwed, or the usb enclosure. No real way to test it either. Annoying. #
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14th Oct, 2008 01:09 (UTC)
I think they have something like an erotic superstore here in Manchester. It is rather hilarious. It's bright yellow too, the entire huge building.

Sorry to hear about the music collection. I had a bunch of random tracks disappear off my Zune awhile back and I haven't recovered them. Some of them it's going to require finding the CDs cos I listen to such indie music. It sucks cos I have no idea where the fuck they are.

My hard drive on my laptop is screwed up too in a way I don't know if I can recover all the files. It is probably because my cats knocked down my laptop a fair few times. I actually didn't think of why it would be messed up until now..I'm daft. I may have lost some photos from years ago.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble.
14th Oct, 2008 01:32 (UTC)
ramble away ;)

I have about 1/3rd of the music collection copied onto my mac laptop. I was looking at copying more, or getting a dedicated storage device for it than the USB enclosure, but then... ooops :(

Miriam accidentally knocked it off the top of the computer, and even an 18-20 inch fall hurts.

So right how we're missing around 70gig of music. Annoying.
14th Oct, 2008 01:34 (UTC)
Aww, that sucks! She must feel bad. I feel for you both! Good luck!
14th Oct, 2008 01:42 (UTC)
I think she's more upset about it than she's letting on, but yeah. annoying.

Then again, it's just music - we can always spend the time to recover what we've lost. We still have the iTunes database so we know what we had in the library. Compare that to the one on this machine and we'll have a list of whats missing.

Might take a while, but we can get it back.

I could (and may) send it to a data recovery place, and see what they'll charge (300-600 dollars... if I'm lucky, more if I'm not). That's not really an ideal situation tho.
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