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On Debates

First of all: US Presidential debates aren't really debates.

But this one was close. It was SO DAMN GOOD to hear them talk about issues. The last two sets with Bush were all fluff.

Obama totally "won" it too. He was clear, he called McCain on bullshit, and got in some great jabs while making fact filed points.

McCain trotted out the same lines in his druggy monotone that he always does. He didn't seem awful, but he didn't seem competant.

God it was refreshing to hear some political leaders in this country talk about ISSUES, and at least one of them to talk about them cleverly.

There may actually be hope...


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27th Sep, 2008 14:36 (UTC)
I maintain that in the proud tradition of bread and circus, the American nation has lobotomized itself into not being able to do anything unless it's a show or a contest.
27th Sep, 2008 22:06 (UTC)
sadly - you're not wrong.

It's the worst kind of circus that's usually shown tho. At least this time it was a higher class of circus
27th Sep, 2008 19:25 (UTC)
Oh, I don't believe there's any hope. I'm so tired of the Obama cult and of course don't want McCain either. Then again, can't tell you if I like the Libertarian candidate yet (not that he'd win anyhow), I've only heard obnoxious things about him so far. However, I will likely vote for him since it wouldn't have any bearing on if he becomes president and would still support my party. I honestly don't know of anyone suited to be president.
27th Sep, 2008 20:19 (UTC)
Well I can't even vote.. but..

I'm a Obama supporter because, out of the people that are actually maybe going to win - he seems the best.

He also seems to be the best in the field - even if I don't agree with him on some issues (and really disagree on others), I think he'll make the best leader out of all of them.

Bob Barr (the libertarian guy) is a slimeball, and I wouldn't trust him at all.

I don't believe in voting along party lines, I believe in voting for what is right for the country (imo). Party lines have caused most of the mess this country is in.
29th Sep, 2008 16:08 (UTC)
lol druggy monotone
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