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Well its the weekend. NO MORE CRAPPY WORK! Yay!

Well.. there may be some next week, but not like that crappy work. I would have had a lie-in except for RinnyWee waking me up at 9:30am with sms msg.. ah well later than the rest of this week has been. She's in England now and currently bored! heh...

Btw.. those of you who have paid any attention to my journal for a while will have noticed that I'm posting a lot more than I used to. I've no idea why, but I am. I think some of the credit has to go to the lovely kaleidoscopes who I'm extremely glad I met. HUGE hugs to this lady as she needs them and I want to give them to her :)

Also... photos! Yep I finally went through all my photos I've got from my digital camera and put some up for you all. There are quite a few so I dumped them in a gallery that at some point I'll put in my webby.

For your viewing pleasure..

[edit] arrghhh servers have gone down on me on that link.. here's another one.. second try...


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3rd Aug, 2002 18:53 (UTC)
You are SUCH an amazing photographer!!!! Wow! Huge props to you! *hugs*

I'm glad we met to. You're an amazing guy who has proved to be an amazing friend. *big grin* Thanks for all the hugs...

*kiss on cheek*
3rd Aug, 2002 19:35 (UTC)
aww thanks. *smooch* I'm glad someone likes them. I ddin't really want to put them up, I'm REALLY critical of anything I do...

I do like the portrait shots of Amy and Lisa in there tho..
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