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The Dark Knight

Lucky me, I got to see The Dark Knight last night at a "private" showing at the Metreon hosted by Zivity.

It was.... decent.

Everything you've read about this movie is true. Including the bad things.

It's sprawling and slow, but epic and action packed. Much of the cast has nothing to do, but every frame of Heath Ledgers Joker is electrifying and incredible. It's confused and patchy, but says a lot about the characters.

Go see it, just for Heath - I've not been as captivated about an on screen performance in.. well... forever.

However without his performance it would barely scrape a C rating. There are major problems with it, and as much as I like Maggie Gyllenhaal as an actress she was miscast and has zero chemistry with any of the leads.

Arron Ekhart makes a great Harvey Dent, would have made a great Two Face if he wasn't compressed into the last 20mins of the movie.

Overall this is a movie that tries to do too much, and ends up feeling rushed and sloppy in places (especially with some really suspect editing in two of the action sequences).

I liked it, and it'll kill at the Box Office, but it is far from the film it could have been.


20th Jul, 2008 09:57 (UTC)
Awwww; too bad. I'd hoped (just for Heath's sake) that it would have been a flawless gem. *sigh*