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Gas Prices

I spoke to my dad earlier, and he brought up an terrifying point for all those people in the USA who are worried about $4 gasoline....

Currently the price in the UK is 1.11GBP per litre. That works out as $8.30 a US gallon...

...the UK isn't really that much more expensive than the rest of the world. Maybe 1.50 of that is the extra tax that they use to, well, have a road system that doesn't suck1

So yeah, when people say it's going to get worse before it gets better? It's more of a - it was artificially good before (subsidized), now the US is actually catching up.


1 - ok, so I'm in California which has roads designed as if by tripping hippies and built as if by a stoned surfer name Jeb, but... still...


5th May, 2008 13:29 (UTC)
Let us not forget that my car gets about 18mpg.. the europe/japanese version gets 30 and has more power.

Isn't it Sierra Leone where gas is around $18.50 USD/gallon?
5th May, 2008 19:28 (UTC)
remember tho - UK gallons are different to the US - 30mpg = 25mpg in US gallons.