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death funk

Jesus fuck I feel awful today.

Firstly I didn't get a full nights sleep, it was ok though, and on any other day wouldn't have mattered. We'll call this Funk 1 tho.

Funk 2 - stomach telling me "woah, I'm feeling like I'm trying to claw my way out of your spine" just before I leave for work. I write it off as hunger pangs or something. I was wrong, my stomach is making a bid for my spine as I type.

Funk 3 - Feeling like I've been hit in the eyes with a brick. Seriously. Since about 10am. argh.

Funk 4 - Cold. Regular sniffly cold. Nothing too bad but it's on top of everything else, so bleh.

Funk 5 - My back really fucking hurts today. It's like my shoulders are trying to implode and take the rest of my spinal column with them. Bastards.

Funk 6 - my head and neck, sort of related to Funk 5, are trying to explode and crush me respectively. Fuckers.

Tylenol Extra Strength appears to have given me +1 to my Death Funk rolls, unfortunately The Funk is wielding a +5 Sword of Kicking Greg's Ass. That, and I think it's Thac0 is better than mine1.

So I'm sick, grumpy, and at work. Yay. Oh and I need to go to Kung-fu tonight. Why? Because I'm a tardy asshole who has failed to go very much, and that is why I am currently a level 6, not a level 7 like Miriam2.

Fuck. At least Adrian might be able to fix my back.


1 - If you ever played AD&D that shit was fucking hilarious alright? If you didn't then, well.. I guess I just got nerdier.
2 - Who, by the way, could probably totally kick my ass if she really wanted to. Why? Because she actually puts the time in while I procrastanate. Congrats to her for passing Level 7 and getting to work on more cool shit. She rules.

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