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well hot damn....

work is finally over this week..

I have paper cuts on my paper cuts.. *sigh*

anyhow was cheered up by the lovely kaleidoscopes earlier.. she's good at that *hugs*

and I get to have (a bit of) a lay in tomorrow.. yay!

rinnywee is leaving for this septared isle today from fracne and I'll be seeing her next week so YAY!
I do like meeting up with her... I met her online many years ago.. and I'm very glad about it.

In other news.. I'm currently chalking up an 8.4 at hotornot.. which I'm rather surprsed about.

So all in al la good end to the week.. thankfully.

Big hugs and lots of loving to Kaleidoscopes, and Wicked_Wish for being the two coolest online ppl I know :)

talk to y'all later.

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