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Arthur Has Left The Planet

I once won the Arthur C Clarke award at my High School for "Being on another planet most of the time". True story.

Sadly the great man is now gone. The man who pretty much created modern sci-fi and predicted much modern technology (including communications satelites), has - at 90 - decided it's time to go.

I repeat... Arthur C Clarke is dead.


"Life is just one big banana. Science fiction allows us all to peel open the reality and discover the yellow truth inside." - Arthur C Clarke

Edited to add - video of Clarke that he made last December.


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18th Mar, 2008 22:49 (UTC)
You have to admit, even in this century 90 years is a good run. I think I'll re-read Fountains of Paradise this summer for the old man.
18th Mar, 2008 22:52 (UTC)
90 is a great age, but still...
18th Mar, 2008 23:05 (UTC)
...yeah, more is better.
19th Mar, 2008 01:48 (UTC)
Have to agree, 90 is more years than most of us will get (well, that's how I think anyway), but it's still sad when someone so cool passes..
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