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Random Question

Anyone out there know anyone at Sony Pictures?

I have a cunning plan... but I may need some help.


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11th Mar, 2008 11:04 (UTC)
No sir (and good luck with that!), but I wanted to say hi! And I wanted to invite you (and Miriam would of course be welcome too!) to come to Sacramento any time while I'll be there. You'd be most welcome to join me and my sister to the Tegan and Sara concert if you are interested. I don't know if there are still tickets though and I can't pay anyone's way (my sister paid my ticket!). Yes, so I'm very pathetic in that I cannot travel to see you while I'm in Cali (my sis paid for me to come see her and she'll still be going to school that week and she has no car), and I cannot even offer you a ticket if you'd like to see T&S with me and my sister BUT, I did have to at least invite you to come see me and possibly go to T&S with us because you would be most welcome and I would love to meet you. That said, there's no pressure if you cannot or do not feel like travelling that far (or don't have time, whatever). Also, if you decide to come meet me, it doesn't have to be for the concert. I'd be happy to see you anytime that week. Okay, I think that is all and I hope I have not worded this comment too awkwardly. It's early morning and I'm tired and not too coherent. Lotsa love, Elsh
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