DarkCryst (darkcryst) wrote,


Breaking the silence for a moment...

some thoughts and events:

My good friend Alan has arrived in the Bay Area. He's touring with Machinehead and staying with us when he's around here. That's pretty cool by itself. He's also the reason that the Danish Music Award for Best Album (Machinehead's The Blackening) was on my mantel the other day!

No internet really atm, except on the old outdated laptop that takes 10mins to boot. It's slow. Seriously slow. Anyhow, that should be sorted soon. Many thanks to Brian & Erica for letting us mooch off their DSL, but I think it just makes sense to have our own now... too many technical/hardware issues overall, and it means more flexibility on our end too. Thanks guys!

Miriam and I have tickets to see Kids in The Hall on Saturday, and Gene Wilder in March. I could not be more excited about these two things.

Also... Heath Ledger is, as I'm sure you know by now, dead. This fact sucks, and makes the day suck by it's association with it. He was 1 year older than me, and had a bright future ahead of him. Sad.

More... when there's more. Talk to you all soon.

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