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You remind me of the babe...

hmm ok.. something of an update I feel.

Since monday Operation: Spending Money For When rinnywee Is Here and Operation: Keep The Repo-Men At Bay have been running concurrently.

In what has been described as english that means I'm working 8am-5pm in a carboard packing place. This job is not taxing, a trained gibbon could do it (shush, I can hear you thinking) and in fact most of the permanant staff there seem to have a simian/genetic reject apperance.

Monday consisted of assembling packaging for some 78 piece cutlery set that is 20 time bigger than the pissy knives and forks will ever be. Luckily the other temp who's working there takes the job about as seriously as I do.. so we get along well.

However after work I went to see a friend who lives nearby. It was hot (31 degrees!) so we were both trashed.. especially me as I'd been working all day in a piss poor warehouse with no fans. She however had been lounging around in her pants all day. Which was how I found her..

Anyway throwing caution (but not pants) to the wind we drove off down the small roads and houses that pass for hamlets near chemlsford. Near one called Pleshy is a nice ford that I drove through at speed and then stopped in.. so we paddled and lay down on the bridge looking at the sun through the trees dangling our toes in the water.. very pretty.. and very cooling.

So that went well..

Then later I get a phone call to come to another friends for dinner, so I did, a bit late. Finally got there at 9:30pm and had a delish chicken meal (big thanks to Nina) and drank wine and generally caught up with Paula et all. Which was nice :)

Proceded to get in too late and suffered for it this morning. Ahh well today wasn't too bad and it was (fractionally) cooler.. however it did consist of putting the boxes made yesturday into boxes which then went into more boxes after tha was done we made more of the boxes that go in boxes in boxes. (clear?) And I have paper cutson my papercuts.. *shrug*

I shall repeat my mantra.. "only three days left.. only three days left"

In Other News:

It's cmpriest's Birthaday! YAY... happy birthday beautiful and don't let any birthday blues annoy you. *hugs*
New photo stupidity to come... the Stupid Squad that is Ben Griffiths wasn't alone when I took those photos.. Iain was there too.. and was stupid too.. and its all on film.. well HDD. Expect Part II when I can.

Also in responce to the nice comments I got about the photo's I'll put up some more as soon as I get them uploaded.

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