March 24th, 2010

fishy wishy

Ferryman: Part 1.5

"It's cold here," the pale girl said, "I don't like it much."

I looked at her, wrapped in her light shawl and summer-dress in the middle of November. She wasn't exactly dressed for the season, but then that wasn't exactly surprising.

"Frankly I'm shocked you can even feel it," I responded, focusing on the road ahead of me again. It was dark outside and the boat of a car I'd managed to hot-wire drove like a two-ton brick on lego wheels.

"Yeah, well," she turned away to look of out the cars window at the shadows of trees in the forest "being dead is weird like that. But I guess you'd know a little about that."

She was right, sort of, I just wish I couldn't see the car seat through her while she said it. The ruddy scar on my chest itched, but that was probably in my head. One thing though she wasn't right on, at least not as far as I was concerned.

"I'm not dead," taking a hand off the steering wheel I thumped my chest in mock bravado. "Flesh and blood. 100 percent man-meat, thank-you!"
"Hah!" She laughed hollowly, but when she turned she was smiling; albeit not entirely kindly. "Well then what exactly are you? You're not alive, not with that hole in your chest anyhow."

Oh yeah, that. I wasn't going to get into that right now, I wasn't sure what I could say about it anyhow.

"Wish I knew sweet-cheeks, but right now all I know is that last week I was drifting through town, met a girl - who seem like she was fun. Now I have a hole where my heart was and a sassy dead girl in my passenger seat."

My week is just getting weirder.

[fast fiction snippet - continuing the story of the character in this short story from over 5 years ago! ]