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Anyone know any hebrew?

Ironic as it is... being married into a (technically) Jewish family.. I really need someone who can read Hebrew to help me.

Can anyone tell me what the text in these photos says (sample to the right)?

The text is on the AN/PVS-5a Night Vision Goggle frame that I got for, guess what, my ghostbusters costume next year. However they are from the Israeli army, not the US (which is also why they are black, not army green), hence this problem...

Please help if you can!


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13th Nov, 2007 09:11 (UTC)
My modern Hebrew is all but non-existent.
I'm your girl for Biblical Hebrew, though.

I'm not sure what the acronym at first stands for, but the second word is 'army'. Unsurprisingly.

Good luck with that. :)

13th Nov, 2007 15:24 (UTC)
darn. I figured you were my best hope too ;)
13th Nov, 2007 21:12 (UTC)
found this via bana's LJ...
i dont know anything about hebrew, BUT if the 2nd word is army, the acronym is probably for Israeli Defence Force.
13th Nov, 2007 20:24 (UTC)
I've posted a link to this post in my journal for my friend Amy, who took Hebrew in college. She may be able to help
13th Nov, 2007 23:30 (UTC)
Bana sent me this way. I haven't studied Hebrew in ages, but I do have my handy dandy Hebrew dictionary and a minimal remembrance of alphabetical order. So this is what it says (choose your own appropriate definition):

Ts.H.L [strength/bravery/low wall] [arming/ordinance] [from/of] render transparent driving vehicle-[degeneration/atrophy].

Make any sense?
13th Nov, 2007 23:37 (UTC)
Thank you! :)
Considering they are frames from Night Vision Goggles.... yes, sort of.

The other (linked to) photos are probably simpler - the Hebrew is just labels for switches - the settings they turn too.
13th Nov, 2007 23:51 (UTC)
Re: Thank you! :)
crap, that was me.
14th Nov, 2007 02:22 (UTC)
Re: Thank you! :)
I translated the ones on flickr for you as best as I could. Although ... I have to say that I've never known of night vision goggles to be able to bake a cake.
14th Nov, 2007 02:43 (UTC)
Re: Thank you! :)
wonder cake goggles... activate!

Thanks though :) Helps a lot. I've flipped them if that might help (though I doubt it). You've given me enough ideas to work with :)
14th Nov, 2007 03:13 (UTC)
Re: Thank you! :)
I've managed to find out some details based on the US Army model of these (though nothing confirmed yet).

"hallom" - appears to be labeling the battery cover.

"Kott" - This is 'Pull IR' (Infrared) on the US issue...
"Ahg" - just "on" on US issue
"Ayyah" - just "off"

Not sure why 'bake a cake/draw a circle' = 'on', but maybe it's a bit of a generic term for "action"? or "turn on"?
14th Nov, 2007 03:17 (UTC)
Re: Thank you! :)
Interesting. Strangely, if you add an extra letter to baking a cake and drawing a circle and turning something on, it means making love (ahgab instead of ahg). So it all really makes sense. :P
14th Nov, 2007 03:22 (UTC)
That is damned cool. Where did you find them?
14th Nov, 2007 05:54 (UTC)
The goggle frames? On ebay! :) a guy had a few of them and was dumping them.
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