June 22nd, 2009

fishy wishy


17:37 @pvponline my 3GS sounds fine.

17:40 @Archana let me know if you find any great 3G+ ones

18:39 BBQ time!

18:52 Oaklands 3G speed is rather good radar.net/c/f9TK

22:08 found this not-so-little guy lost and alone on the sidewalk radar.net/c/fa6G

10:24 @uncultured cultural thing I guess - growing up in the UK I now instantly think Rupee's == India

11:10 to all having issues with YIM and Adium ( eg @HaDAk ). Change the login server to cn.scs.msg.yahoo.com in the acct options! Works now!

13:47 @JasonCalacanis really? it's Perez! He's an attention-whoring troll. Don't publicize his crap...

13:56 dear Flash plugin - you are are piece of crap. You CPU hogging crack whore

...because posting full entries is hard