June 20th, 2009

fishy wishy


14:51 @grahamux that's what I'm using - turned out all I needed to do was call the voicemail to activate. No mms tho :(

16:17 friday treat for you all - PUPPY CAM! - bit.ly/Ulqlt

17:47 There is STILL a queue to get into the SF Apple store!! radar.net/c/f5Cr

19:59 Miriam is pan-frying scallops and they smell delicious. The one pink scallop is creeping her out tho

01:13 @mc_lars ewwww valley blondes? Really?

10:07 bllllleeeuuurrrggghhh.... Ok, who filled my head with sand today?

10:07 @caramida oooo where? Never heard of it

...because posting full entries is hard