June 18th, 2009

fishy wishy


15:01 @FlawedMaddy are you geting all clucky on us?

16:23 @jellyd seriously? Were they tasty?

16:24 what is simple and easy for me is aparently black voodoo magic to others. Useful to remember this.

17:04 iPhone camera snaps seem to be better - sharpness, color noise, low light = all improved with the update

10:45 @caramida I'm feeling that way myself

10:48 hmmm YIM seems to be broken using Adium :/

11:12 @jmk hanging around any swine lately...?

11:12 @fngkestrel - ALWAYS sync before updating! doh!

11:19 @uncultured all translations are complex - it's about context and intent of the speaker. Plus then you have formal and informal, etc...

11:30 @HaDAk I imagine it won't work until Adium updates... and I'm running the beta version too....

11:40 @HaDAk same here. 1.4b6

11:50 @mark_r wait... you'd NEVER seen Fight Club?? Wow.... though I guess it didn't work as well if you knew the twist..?

12:33 it might actually be cheaper for Miriam to fly to Costa Rica to get dental work done by a friend there than have it in the USA. GO USA!

12:54 work work work work work... indian food... work work work....

13:05 thinking about a Zagg Invisible Shield for my 3GS that arrives tomorrow. If you don't have one of these on your portable stuff - why not?

13:36 I am increasingly convinced that The Lonely Island are the only funny guys in SNL any more...

13:38 @fngkestrel yup - once - they're cool.

...because posting full entries is hard