June 9th, 2009

fishy wishy


16:05 @caramida enjoy the Pre - it's a fine phone.

16:05 @t I'm so glad that the iPhone doesn't have flash. So very very glad.

16:26 Hey @pvponline - your voice is not as deep as I expected it to be. Warmed by puppies tho! v.cute :) (toonhound live > ustre.am/DTS)

16:30 @flawedartist I'll be getting one of the new ones, so if you want to wait to see one in action then I'll demo it for you when I get it

16:36 @flawedartist - roughly... yes. There may be dancing involved too. Possibly some flaunting as well. I have to get my moneys worth after-all

17:43 looks like my bike was stolen Friday night - someone basically just "piggybacked" into the building (& cage)

18:00 @fngkestrel yup. Got the bastard on camera, but I'm not allowed to see it. Police is logical next step

10:19 @mjmalone nice idea, but it has privacy implications - that's why apps have to ASK for location on the iPhone right now.

11:49 @martingorham four hours from Wickford? what?

12:46 @phoopee3 not really, but it's nice to know that the product is there

13:23 @alanb seriously. Apple announcements are like stirring a pond with a stick - everything gets messy &you have lots of crap floating around

13:38 @flawedartist thats neat, but wow Facebook, welcome to 1998...

13:51 @barryjscott are you high? The O2 deals are FREAKING SWEET compared to AT&T. Seriously don't know how good you have it.

13:53 @cmpriest huh, neat!

13:53 @flawedartist oh and you should snag your name on hi5 too ;)

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