June 5th, 2009

fishy wishy


14:13 @PaulMecurio - thanks for the follow, hopefully I'll be able to catch you when you're in SF next week. Enjoy the weather!

14:26 @caramida neat! Have a hotdog for me!

09:59 after a quick visit to the chiropractor I feel great! I should have started this years ago!

10:25 @t Doesn't everyone know that already? They do that in the UK too, and honestly... I don't blame them.

10:52 @jellyd are you involved with Tourettes Without Regrets this year?

11:04 @FlawedMaddy lmao - I demand photographic proof!

13:10 just ran into an otherwise rather pretty lady whose ass was the size of two large melons. I'm not kidding!

13:11 Miriam & I were quite distracted by the SuperButt...

...because posting full entries is hard