May 31st, 2009

fishy wishy


21:34 hitting Coach Sushi by the lake. Best sushi in the bay!

00:28 dear eBayers - something is NOT rare if I have just scrolled past 20 of the same thing at a much lower price than yours. Kinda Old != Rare.

00:29 I just reached level 3. #spymaster

00:32 @uncultured parkour is about getting from A to B in the shortest route possible. Not gymnastics. It has a philosophy and goal.

09:57 ZipCar and I are done, professionally...

10:02 on my way to the Maker Faire, finally. No thanks to ZipCar

10:51 San Mateo Fairground does not know how to run a parking lot

13:44 Maker Faire is a lot of fun, but I'm sad I missed Adam Savage and Jeri speak yesterday :(

...because posting full entries is hard