May 30th, 2009

fishy wishy


14:03 @fngkestrel using Windows for games makes sense, but then you're not using Windows - you're using the game UI. Sort of proves my point.

14:27 @fngkestrel it will if you use something like Crossover, but yeah.

14:28 @pvponline It's because Ferris WORKS for it. He's smart, tends to be pretty fair, and looks after people. He also is fallible. Good writing.

14:33 @cmpriest you don't want a REALLY sticky potsoil then?

15:10 @playspymaster I want an invite! Everyone else on my friends list seems to be playing!

15:14 in the spirit of #followfriday - @hellobigfoot, @aleksk, and @levarburton

15:39 @pvponline what... the... hell....? That fails on so many levels I don't even know where to start

17:18 Just bought a Mod. 45 Automatic Knife. #spymaster

17:22 I just wounded @charles_baker in an assassination attempt. #spymaster

17:31 hmm spymaster can be a bit spammy on the ol' twitter account...

17:31 it is officially Beer O'click at hi5 right now. Excellent.

17:53 @uncultured - its cool, but that's not Parkour - it's urban gymnastics. It has none of the simplicity of motion and directness of movement

17:58 I just reached level 2. #spymaster

18:25 @caramida good luck with that - have you ever head about Philip K Dick's Kibble? it's like that...

18:33 @flawedartist I read some of that. Somewhat tempered by knowing its mostly made up

22:15 wow - a high quality rpg on the iPhone!

23:20 the mail brought a surprise package... of AWESOME!!

13:01 Go Team! Just did the kickoff meeting for my half marathon training!

13:18 @Christ_Coffey too many good games to pick on the Genesis for me. Played so much Road Rash tho!

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