May 29th, 2009

fishy wishy


14:26 having one of those moments where I have a really neat idea, but no idea how to implement it. Need to learn more about building circuits

14:38 @miloh I would, but I'm busy that morning (hoping to head down that way later in the day tho, I have weekend tickets)

14:48 @FlawedMaddy er... I hope you just stubbed your toe or something and haven't electrocuted yourself...

16:07 good lord - this is a great speech by Lt. Dan Choi about Prop 8. Someone get this guy on TV -

00:39 @Archana welcome back to SF! you should catch the comedy show Miriam helped write - KML Hits 101 at the Zuem

09:10 think Miriam wants a netbook just so she can play Heroes of Might & Magic

09:43 so who's going to Maker Faire?

11:34 @wilw don't we all? LeVar rules in many subtle ways

11:42 @FlawedMaddy wish I could do that (though not the reasons FOR it). I've got a stack of books I want to read

12:18 @fngkestrel which day?

12:59 I wish I wasn't turning into a mac snob but after going having to use XP & Vista for a bit I practically hugged my Macbook. So much nicer!

13:46 @caramida Agreed.

...because posting full entries is hard