May 27th, 2009

fishy wishy


15:56 @adamostrow pages USE groups. Really pages are just expanded groups. If they do remove groups it will be a naming thing, nothing more

09:36 Impressive. Facebook seems to have managed to break their session check. I can't stay logged in for more than 10 seconds... well done.

10:44 @galateadia I know the feeling

10:45 @mark_r when they do - tell them to share with Mozilla and MS 'kay?

11:42 reminiscing about Half-Life(1) death matches at University. Good times. Gauss Gun FTW!

12:42 @mark_r surely a simple SQL query would fix that?

13:26 @eddieizzard I can't watch your video in the US - as an ex-pat this makes me sad :(

13:32 my first name is the 327th most popular password on the planet. Go figure

13:35 btw - the most popular passwords: #1 123456 #2 password #3 12345678 #4 1234 #5 pussy #6 12345 #7 dragon #8 qwerty #9 696969 #10 mustang. wtf

...because posting full entries is hard