May 26th, 2009

fishy wishy


23:10 watching Miriam, Adia, & Cory play Mario Kart Wii on the sofa. Much amusment. Better than the N64 version, and with motion controls!

23:26 @sereneyee 我不知道你刚才所说的话,但我想我做到了。

00:27 @Uday_A I got the Oxacan Omlette and Miriam got a AlPastor Scramble

10:36 on a broken BART train - brakes messed up. Aparently to fix this they have to reboot the train!

10:37 they power-cycle it! The driver just said they'll be turning off the train and waiting 30secs! BART works just like my wifi router!

11:27 frankly... fuck everyone that voted for prop 8. Scum the lot of them. I'm so angry right now - California is now officially bigoted.

11:28 Justice Carlos Moreno: "a majority should not be allowed to deprive a minority of fundamental rights by passing an initiative." YES. THIS.

11:39 as much as I love my life here the whole Prop 8 debacle is the one thing that makes me ashamed to live here. It tarnishes the name of CA

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