May 23rd, 2009

fishy wishy


14:58 someone needs to teach me poker. Seriously... I know the hands but not how to play...

15:50 @flawedartist hahaha, got you hooked?

16:33 god I can't get enough of Gary Neman's album Jagged - such a great sound. Like Tool mixed with VAST, but better

17:19 @flawedartist - have you heard the album? Its GREAT.

19:07 I'm a Greg in a toy shop!

20:03 *something* is being filmed in old Oakland tonight!

22:01 Terminator 4 gets a C+. better than T3, but could have been much more. 1984 Arnie tho was great!!

22:08 Spooky

12:49 Zipcar is becoming increasingly pointless. If there are never cars available when I need to use it... what's the point of being a member?

...because posting full entries is hard