May 21st, 2009

fishy wishy


14:33 @rinnywee - that is the most awesome thing ever. Not least because it's not just ZombieBond but ZombieConnery

15:08 These fake Mochas amuse me a lot more than they should

15:18 @caramida congrats on finishing!

16:05 quite pleased with the new Sherlock Holmes trailer. Seems well done. Not quite the Sherlock of old, but an interesting interpretation

16:19 @jmk thats pretty neat. Though for 2.99 it needs to include AC Transit, otherwise there are just as good free programs to do what it does

17:10 @warrenellis come to SF - you'll get both, but without the problem of being in LA

11:10 @Archana any evidence you can post? Can't think of a realistic way you could get a virus in a facebook message. Sounds bogus.

11:44 everyone is talking about Cannes SFC - weird to think Miriam & I got our animation in that in 2007

13:16 is getting to remove IE6 support for a large feature. Oh yes, I'm nearly crying tears of liquid joy here.

13:17 @FlawedMaddy sounds like you need a night out. Come out to O-Town this eve!

...because posting full entries is hard