May 20th, 2009

fishy wishy


14:57 @mark_r it's poorly phrased, but his point is valid (that more data means better quality results). Of course they DO make money from it...

15:09 @mark_r that's not fair - they haven't done anything wrong (yet). I'm not saying they should keep the data, just that he has a point.

15:10 @warrenellis AND WHY NOT???

15:33 @JasonCalacanis not a lot there really. Some good food I guess. It's an odd little town.

15:34 huh @algore is giving Obama props for environmental issues. nice.

15:35 @bberrymom - er... what?

16:08 if anyone wants to make me a bronze copy of the Arslantepe swords... I'll love you forever (just saying)

16:12 I'll also accept copies of the Nebra swords!

16:55 @Mlink07 - it's fun, that's what it is.

17:28 Just took my 120th mugshot!

18:21 @teawiththecheat I actually don't have twitter set up to text me almost anything... so no

18:29 tired... so... very... tired... why??


18:49 @cmpriest squeeeeeeee!!!

20:33 @mc_lars - just got my hands on the little robot version of This Gigantic Robot Kills. Killer. First physical release I've bought in YEARS.

20:34 @uncultured those people have been fired (no, really, they have - that's why he agreed to go back to Fox).

21:40 who's up for going to the Maker Faire with me? Should be fun! Carpool?

21:56 Just changed my twitter background, check it out! Found it at

22:04 @mikexcore at like 5pm or so?

22:10 everyone seems to be listening to Andrew Bird...

22:27 @OhCrapImissed holy crap - great cause. What tattoo?

12:19 @pvponline but you admit there is no good reason for that irrational fear, so I guess the logical response is: Get over it ;)

13:21 @anab1 just tell it not to. Its in the options

13:47 @phoopee3 that's because excel for real data storage and manipulation. Numbers however... it's fantastic at.

...because posting full entries is hard