May 19th, 2009

fishy wishy


16:39 hates IE6 with a fiery and furious undying passion.

16:56 @fngkestrel I love FF, but sadly the site needs to work in IE6 still....

17:08 wishes IE6 usage was below its current 17.52% are these people EVER going to upgrade?

17:10 @jmk accurate - but that's not exactly a constructive point - just because someone can see a problem doesn't mean they can fix it.

17:13 in one month IE8 has hit just under 8% of market share... sadly that seems to be cannibalizing IE7 more than IE6

17:14 @wyldkyss if I had my way using IE6 would be grounds for criminal negligence. It's not like its hard to find an alternative for free!

17:17 anyone out there work at a major newspaper? Maybe we can do what they did in Norway... - raise awareness and kill IE6!

18:57 *rocks out to Metallica at work* good choice random office stereo!

19:36 off to Noisebridge - time to do some circuit hacking!

20:37 wow! Stunning graffiti art in the Mission -

22:06 Bostons Shame = Instant Geeky Legend -

22:17 geeks at work - Noisebridge rocks -

09:55 @miloh would that make us look artificially worn? or just kinda of faded and not as colorful?

09:56 @meyerweb sensible, it's not. A reasonable portion is luck, but you need the talent and hard work to capitalize on the luck.

11:04 @mark_r I'm really liking Adiums new Twitter functionality, but it could expose the timeline (and so updating) better.

11:12 general point - if your name sounds REALLY SPAMMY then I'm not going to follow you on Twitter.

11:13 @cmpriest - enjoy the thrill of new bedding while it lasts ;)

11:14 @mark_r I dunno... DM's work pretty well, and I like the timelines links to actions. It just needs some tweaking. Great for a first go tho.

11:35 @fngkestrel *laughs* nah, thats just crude, not spammy. Something like YOUR_NEXT_JOB or GET_RICH_NOW is spammy. I mean.. WHY?

12:01 @barryjscott well done though man! I too am fighting the battle of the gut

12:02 my company just hit the top news story in CNN Tech! Sweet!

12:53 @johnerik well it would

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