May 7th, 2009

fishy wishy


15:45 hmm... my iPhone might be dying. I think it just ate all my contacts >_<

16:12 want to feel old? Wheatus' Teenage Dirtbag was release 9 years ago. Jesus Christ...

16:44 I will say two words: Frog Chorus.

16:56 *laughs* I just got retweated by @wheatus - that rules. *waves* hi guys.

17:51 @flawedartist with some exceptions - its not. You're right :)

18:31 Just took my 116th mugshot!

18:48 wondering where Miriam is...

18:56 Miriam is aparently on The BART That Time Forgot.

10:45 @barryjscott -no, as I have a TON of people in my google contacts that I don't want on my phone. Otherwise I would.

10:47 Kylie is playing next door to me - but as much as I'd like to see her in such a small venue... I'm not paying $80 for the rear of the gods..

11:19 @wyldkyss - well, it's a decent venue (Fox Theatre) but she normally plays arenas... so... *sigh* anyhow. 45mins after sale began- and over.

11:19 @fngkestrel - really? I've heard nothing but *meh* from ppl over Dollhouse, even Wheadon fans...

13:53 is performing slash and burn agriculture on his iPhone. Everyone - send me your contacts if you don't a) have them on FB or b) aren't on FB

...because posting full entries is hard