May 6th, 2009

fishy wishy


14:49 overheard: "I don't have any Apple stuff at home" "Oh...*concerned voice* I'm sorry." *laughs*

15:05 oh - happy Cinquo de Mayo to everyone. the Mexican St Patricks Day (at least that's how it's treated in the US anyhow)

16:06 Afghanistan's only pig quarantined in flu fear (not from The Onion)

16:50 @cmpriest wow, I forget what the advance was, but still. Awesome news though - now we just need to make sure we all pimp them a little more

16:51 @phoopee3 - secret for you: Myst sucked.

17:02 @eddieizzard - just saw Prince Caspian (finally) and thought your voice work was excellent. Looking forward to Dawn Treader now.

17:05 @fngkestrel people love and hate it. It was dull, the puzzles annoying, and the plot minimal. Look at it now and you see the game is bad.

17:30 @fngkestrel - from who? Earliest GotY I can find is '97 (GoldenEye 007). Also - both Halo & God Of War have won game of the year - lame

18:48 @flawedartist - I would, but I don't have a 3G iPhone. If/When I get one though - totally getting it.

19:05 @flawedartist - who doesn't?

22:45 Just took my 115th mugshot!

...because posting full entries is hard