April 28th, 2009

fishy wishy


15:55 @Cowkitty - ToomBoom is like flash, but actually designed for animation as opposed to the god-awful animation tools in Flash.

15:55 @Cowkitty - oh, check out Anime Studio Pro too. ToomBoom is a little bit more designed around traditional 2d, ASP is for vector 2d.

15:56 @adamostrow - yes, that bugs the crap out of me too. I YOU "COULD CARE LESS" THEN YOU CAN CARE LESS THAN YOU DO IDIOT! ARRRRRRRGGGHH!

15:58 RT @xenijardin: "Best pandemic neologism yet: ***THE APORKALYPSE*** " (ed - oh god that hurts.. it's... so bad, and yet so good).

16:15 @Cowkitty - cool :) ASP is a good choice for that - you get the power of vector animation but you can use a traditional workflow if you want

16:26 just opted out of those stupid Salmon bots (the ones that msg you with salmon, coho, or trout in the name) - clue, respond with $optout

00:44 my little hamster - radar.net/see/3495849

01:04 loving TwitterFon on the iPhone. It's the way Twitter apps should be. All the features and a VERY native experience.

01:08 @mc_lars - when are you playing the bay agai?. You played NEXT TO my house in Oakland (@ The Uptown) and I missed it. I almost cried :(

11:05 @fngkestrel - yes, much better than Twitterific. Twitterific is nice, but it's missing a bunch of things in terms of interacting with Tweets

11:06 @mc_lars - sweet! Roll on June! Hope you enjoyed my native UK though :)

11:08 @wilw do you have some traumatic dodgeball memories you need to work out?

11:10 I love that Twitter enables me to be involved with people like @Jon_Favreau @RealHughJackman @mc_lars @pvponline and such...

11:11 they are a diverse collection of people whose work I enjoy and respect. Normally I'd never get the chance to even buy these guys a beer...

11:16 @flawedartist - I want to play on a red swing!

11:17 this is why living in the bay area is awesome - tr.im/jWef

11:26 @fngkestrel - hahaha, glad I could help ;)

11:57 amused that the week after I visit LA & Disneyland @RealHughJackman goes to both and hangs out. I'm a Hollywood trendsetter!

12:14 anyone on here part of sf0.org/ ? Seems like a neat and fun idea.

12:22 @pvponline the Dell Mini 9 & 10 runs OSX really nicely. Almost no stress installing it too (no more than Ubuntu anyhow)

13:54 I has cupcakes!! Thanks @flawedartist - radar.net/see/3499644

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