April 27th, 2009

fishy wishy


17:07 just finished training kung-fu by Lake Merrit, was fun - not as rusty as I thought

18:28 walking home after sushi @ Coach, now to get ready to go into the city

20:10 that's what I call covering your bases - ghetto style - radar.net/see/3484460

20:17 just caught the mouse... and got bitten by it. Hope I don't have plague now...

20:28 grabbing drinks before catching Mos Def & Dead Prez @ The Mezzanine

21:03 the will-call line is long, and the streets are cold

21:46 in the VIP @ The Mezzanine. This is gonna kill - radar.net/see/3485028

00:41 random appearence of Dave Chappell - no Mos Def yet tho

01:05 MOS DEF in the house!! - radar.net/see/3487572

02:47 @anab1 you can get an iPhone in the uk from O2 stores.

03:03 Mos Def was good (but could gave been better) however Dead Prez suck warty ass

10:35 @mark_r have you looked at Destroy Twitter? it's my utter favorite Twitter app. The interaction is really slick.

10:36 why is FireFox on the Mac so freaking clunky? It seems to be getting worse every update. It's starting to make me want to switch browsers

11:24 Just took my 110th mugshot! www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/2363

...because posting full entries is hard