April 5th, 2009

fishy wishy


14:11 only 3 days left of MacHeist, $39 for $900+ worth of apps? I'm actually convinced now. Some of the apps are killer - is.gd/qLCj

14:12 @wilw I must have missed that - linky?

15:11 I bought the @MacHeist 3 Bundle. 12 Top Mac apps worth $900+ for just $39 AND I just got Delicious Library 2 FREE! mhtweet.com/vImXEd

18:13 doh... - radar.net/see/3237220

18:57 dinner at 2022 (formerly Ave). Yum. Later... bowling! - radar.net/see/3237567

19:25 is getting emotional over a dessert. Seriously, the chocolate tort at Ave/2022 will chage your life.

21:11 bowling is not getting off to the best start... - radar.net/see/3238466

23:02 @wilw - aww man. You're making me want to play D&D again... sadly you are about the only person I know who plays it :( Wanna play? ;)

23:03 wow - new bonus app from MacHeist - Times. It's like... an RSS reader that doesn't suck. Shocking. Looks like I'll be trying out RSS again..

...because posting full entries is hard