April 2nd, 2009

fishy wishy


14:41 @flawedartist NerdFighters? That sounds like a fantastic thing. How did you get involved?

14:45 @Malto thanks! Things are a bit odd here at hi5 right now, but we're all in pretty good spirits. Which is nice! Glad I'm still here :)

14:47 @flawedartist LOL. Awesome. I think that will have to be my tagline on every network now ;)

17:02 @adamostrow it's easy (and not accurate - how many HP's have a aluminium case?) but the reason they did it is that people *want* Macs more.

17:03 wondering what it must be like to meet your heroes (and I mean that not in an idolizing sense)

17:03 @cmpriest practice makes perfect. They are awesome, tho I can't see myself in them ;)

17:27 @flawedartist - thought of any place you'd like to hit for lunch? or shall I come up with something?

23:46 @mjmalone - that's because Frank Chu is awesome

23:48 loving netflix on my xbox360. Seriously a reason to own one if you don't already.

11:41 BART ticket to SF: $2.90, seeing obviously pilled up dude puke randomly while singing nu-metal...? Priceless.

13:18 @mantooth316 ain't that the truth!

13:45 Just took my 105th mugshot! www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/2363

13:49 @pvponline - check your settings. It's been there for months!

13:51 @wyldkyss - simple, pac-man wins. Really no contest.

...because posting full entries is hard