February 27th, 2009

fishy wishy


15:22 sad that there is very little cellphone reception at his desk

15:23 @flawedartist - zennioptical.com - seriously the best for cheap glasses. I got my pair with memory metal frames and anti-glare for $60!

21:41 Lovely lobby art - radar.net/see/2758421

21:41 use of incorrect punctuation lesson #1 - radar.net/see/2758425

23:50 Mmmmm crepes. Best crepes I've had outside of Paris - radar.net/see/2758665

23:53 thinking about going to this - radar.net/see/2758670

09:15 This app is made for Skyrog - radar.net/see/2759506

10:14 tired as he'll this morning... hope I'm not coming down with something

13:42 just lost at Fusball to the worst player in hi5...

...because posting full entries is hard