February 5th, 2009

fishy wishy


15:58 heading to the opening of Le Calle on Broadway.. fun!

16:04 finishing touches on the Fox - radar.net/see/2677535

16:32 just ate some very tasty (if slightly small) Mexican food. La Calle should shape up to be a solid daytime visit

16:34 Pop Mexicana - radar.net/see/2677611

17:09 Oscar gets around - radar.net/see/2677695

17:32 who wants to cone see MC Lars with me? - radar.net/see/2677801

18:40 Radar at Best Buy - radar.net/see/2677991

21:43 WTF Mail - more joy! - radar.net/see/2678499

09:35 This view is familiar... - radar.net/see/2679694

...because posting full entries is hard