February 2nd, 2009

fishy wishy


14:37 just paid the rent, the trash, the water, and misc other bills. Yay... I think? Bye bye money :(

14:37 @rinnywee - I'd bet on you

14:43 transformers 2 trailer just hit - tinyurl.com/d6gs5w

16:54 @rinnywee - the first one was bad, but in an awfully watchable way. The first 20mins were pretty awesome too.

23:23 drinking healthily is tasty - radar.net/see/2668016

01:42 can't sleep. May have some sort of ear... thing. Hurts.

10:16 finally in SF! 20mins later than I should have. thanks bart.

10:18 I would if there was a train... - radar.net/see/2669470

10:42 Just took my 91st mugshot! www.dailymugshot.com/main/show/2363

...because posting full entries is hard