January 31st, 2008

fishy wishy

Back in the Wide Wired World

So we're back online at the Miriam & Greg household finally.

Much love and thanks must go to [info]ca_snowflake & [info]caramida, without who we would have not had any internet at all these last 8 months. They graciously let us share their network wirelessly, putting up with me bugging them when any little think went wrong (which, when bridging two wireless networks... as we were, it will).

However it was time to move on, so now we have Speakeasy (like they do, actually) because we don't need a phone line, and they are awesome. It's running nice and fast, and we don't have to annoying Brian and Erica about quirks and things any more.

Thanks again guys.

Btw - who out there owns an XBox? What's your XBox Live name? Mines abritinthebay add me! Lets get connected :)