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New Job, Old Friends

I'm at my new job (Interactive Producer @ Tendo Communications).

So far - so good. Work lined up, great people, fun atmosphere... and this really disturbing picture pinned up on my bulletin board by John K1 when I arrived.

Good times.

Speaking of good times2, my good friend Dave was over here for the last week. This enabled me to do many touristy things I wouldn't normally do. Awesome. Photos to come soon.

Also - Saturday night was Bootie/Mashup night at The DNA Lounge. Andrew3 was playing there as his alter-ego Jelly D, supported by Smash Up Derby, DNA's resident band. Not only that, but the decks were filled by french mashup legends Loo & Placido4. How awesome could this night be? Answer: REALLY GODDAMN AWESOME.

Again, photos to come.

The DNA Lounge will be holding a mashup new years eve party. Am I going to get a huge group down there for that? Oh hell yes.


1 - John Kovacovich, my new boss, BATS Improv superstar, and Miriam's friend and fellow writer from KML.
2 - see what I did there...?
3 - The guy that married Miriam and I, for those of you who were in attendance.
4 - Who I've been listening too for years are are ohmydeargodorgasm good.


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14th Nov, 2007 06:59 (UTC)
just an FYI, Bootie is the club night, DNA Lounge is just the venue.
Bootie does parties in a few cities, although the SF party is the biggest and best.
info on the various Bootie mashup club nights here: http://www.BootieUSA.com

Smash-Up Derby is the house band at Bootie, the singer is also a DJ and co-promoter of the club night. (They plan on having MC Jelly Donut back to perform with the band again someday, because it was SUCH a great fit.) :-) And yes, Bootie New Years Eve @ the DNA should be off-the-hook.


14th Nov, 2007 07:12 (UTC)
Re: just an FYI, Bootie is the club night, DNA Lounge is just the venue.
Hey MD (whoever you are oh mysterious person!)

I know DNA is the venue (think I made that clear) though I didn't realize that Bootie moved around the clubs, along with Smash-Up Derby. DJ Adrian the singer was great on the decks later that night, and I'm glad to know Jelly D will be back in the house ;)

www.BootieSF.com was the site I knew, but thanks for the tip, and see you (whoever you are) at new years eve! :)
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