November 25th, 2007

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Retro Goodness...

Ok, so... a brief bit of Greg Gaming History for you.

I began playing games when I was 4, maybe even when I was 3, but definitely 4. My grandparents had an Atari 8001 (8-bit, pre-ST era), and I played a TON of games on it. Rescue on Fractalus, Ballblazer, Beach Head, Super Breakout (a lot of Super Breakout), and many, many more. After the Atari left my grandparents (they got an Amiga) we got it, later we borrowed my mothers school PC, and then later still we bought a PC (a speed demon of a 386SX: 25mhz of CD-Rom running goodness).

Along the way I played games on other systems and consoles (Sega Mega Drive, Acorn, ZX Spectrum) but other than the mega-drive, those weren't owned by me or my family.

Those games rocked.

Today I find more and more I'm just playing because of two things 1) The game is pretty 2) The game has a big plot I want to see through to the end. It's rarely because it's just plain fun to play the game. Very rare.

Anyhow - I've made it my mission to collect a lot of retro games, and I've finally compiled most of them into a list. I have a few more than this, but it's most of them. At least... most of the PC ones. I'm not including emulators and ROM's here....

Greg's Classic Games Collection:
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See anything you like?


1 - A much superior system to the Commodore 64...