November 21st, 2007

Dodging Zombies

The Terrifying Reality of Life... and other stories.

So I ache like I wrestled a lion last night... which isn't too far from the truth.

I had a private Kung-Fu lession with my Si-Hing last night, just to clear up my Chi-Sao and such like (don't worry if that makes no sense to you, it doesn't have to). Anyhow, another class was there doing 'HIIT'1 which is the sort of mixed martial arts training course that they suggest for people that want to do it for fitness, or just aren't sure about doing a full martial art.

At they end they sometimes do a 'King of The Ring' type thing, where the winner stays on until they are beaten. This time it was about wrestling someone to the ground (no hits, but sweeps, takedowns, and grapples basically). I got drafted... unsurprisingly, as I'm 6'3" of largeness2.

You are now reading the words of The King Of The Ring!

I even beat the instructor (not Adrian, but John, Adrian's top instructor below him). Twice! That was pretty awesome - I got hi-fives all round for doing that, even from John. They kept going around... by the end I was practically falling over... I'm shocked no-one got me down.

On an unrelated note - here's your weekly dose of WTF?:

1 - High Intensity Impact Training
2 - My nickname at the Dojo is Chewbacca...
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