November 15th, 2007

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Trouble at Home

...or where I used to call home at least.

There's a lot of fuss apparently in the UK right now about Scotland wanting to be independent. If you want to read a rather slanted op-ed piece about it check out this interesting but arrogant take on it from one of the writers at The Telegraph.

Does this mean the death of the Union? No more United Kingdom? Does anyone really care?

Scotland wants England out of its domestic affairs, which is fair enough, as long as it gets out of England's. It can't have it both ways. If Scotland removes itself from the Union then most of the people down in Westminster are out of a job.

Seriously. It's like... at least a 1/3 of the Labour party.

What makes more sense just adding an English parliament, and keeping Westminster as a parliament of the Union. Strangely they have that system in the USA... it's the state system.

We had it in the UK, sort of, but the addition of the Scottish and Welsh parliaments screwed it up. The addition by Labour.... doh!

So something has to give. Removing itself from the Union would be epically dumb on Scotland's part: not only would it lose all the money that it's getting (proportionally more per person than in England), it would lose University funding (again, more than England), defense forces, the NHS, etc, etc.

Much better to fix the system than devolve to chest-thumping patriotic policies. But we'll see politics in the UK is pretty pathetic right now, so I have no faith of it being sensible.

If it ever was...
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