March 14th, 2007


The Office

Arena Solutions Office in Foster CityOk, so I promised to show you all where I work and such-like didn't I?

Well I finally uploaded photos to Flickr, so now I can actually deliver on that promise.

To the right you can see the office building we're in, the closest of the two in the photo, on the 3rd floor.* Beautiful California sky featured there. The complete lack of clouds when it's sunny here is actually kind of weird to me still.

I also have the best view from my cube...

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* 2nd floor to any fellow Brits reading this. UK counts as "Nth Floor Up", but the US just counts the "ground floor" as the 1st. It makes sense, it's just different.
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New Look

Spurred by a comment kelvinator made I changed my journal - not only the tagline, but the whole look.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

It's based on the Expression style Pixpet themes but updated and bug fixed (like.. it actually has a footer now). The main art is Gregzilla, as drawn by mrl24 just over a year ago in response to my awfully bad MS Paint style scribblings, and coloured by myself at lunch. So kudos to him, because it looks awesome.

It also features in the background art too. Rawr.