June 13th, 2006

fishy wishy

Three Cheers for Red Dwarf!

Ok, so imagine the scene: it's 6/6/6, the skys are dark and gloomy, a fiery figure atop a beastly skeletal horse adresses a the screaming, bloody, masses with his final words and then... an omen of doomsday perhaps... I got married.

Ok, it didn't really happen like that, but it might have ;)

But however it happened I'm now offically a Mr to the cutest, most lovely, Mrs I could ever dream of...and, well... yay! However as most of you probably know: this wasn't our wedding, but our marriage.

Confused? Well I'll explain.

Because we, for immigration reasons, couldn't plan a big wedding, will have to (and are) fill out a ton of US Immigration Service (read: Homeland Security) forms to fill out and apply for, and generally didn't want to spring hotel and flight costs on you lot with only a month or twos notice.

We're aiming for having the big proper thing next year, probably August sometime (maybe mid-late in the month). I'll let you all know more specific details as soon as I know, but in general the plan is for August.

Miriam and I are very very happy, although because of the medical exam (and the TB test that goes with it) I'm a bit ill today. We've still got a lot of stress and paperwork to go through but I'm happy and hopefull, and I'll continue to be as long as I'm with Miriam :)