June 5th, 2006

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As created by miriammiriam:

go to Wikipedia and search for

1. The city you were born in
2. The city you live now

If there is not an article for one or the other, post the nearest city

post the link to both wikipedia articles in your livejournal and underneath, write 3-5 facts that you at least find mildly interesting about each city

1, Brentwood, Essex, England
2, Oakland, California, USA

1. Brentwood was the home of the East India Company's Elephant training school - the site, based in Warley, is now headquarters of Ford UK.
2. It is the former home of Thermos, the manufacturers of the vacuum flasks.
3. In the mid 1990s there began a controversy that has plagued Brentwood ever since... "is Brentwood boring?" This now notorious question even made the national news, sparking amused debate nationwide, especially when it was noticed that Brentwood is in fact an anagram of 'Bored Town.'*
4. Brentwood is also home to the biggest and deepest cold war bunker open to the public in southeast England.
5. Although no longer manufactured there, Brentwood became the centre of trampolining in the UK for many years when George Nissen brought the then new sport there in 1949.

1. Oakland has a statue downtown simply titled, "There." - to defend against a suposedly disparaging quote about the city ("There's no there there")
2. Oakland is featured in the lyrics of "Baby Got Back"
3. The third largest Bay Area city - after San Francisco and San Jose.
4. The earliest recorded inhabitants were the Huchiun tribe, belonging to a linguistic grouping later called the Ohlone (a Miwok Indian word meaning "western people").
5. Founded in 1852.

*I knew the guy who sparked this off (he was in a relationship with the mother of a friend of mine) and it was so much funnier in person.