February 19th, 2006


Free Music

With the death of mp3.com many many years ago I have no place to go to find awesome artists creating music, beats, and tunes for the love and craft of it (and.. you know, maybe some money).

So tonight I ask of you: Tell me where to go to find new downloadable music.

None of that crappy flash-player, popup, myspace bollocks. If I can't download it from the page - I don't care.

Hit me with your rhythm sticks.

edit - seriously, no sites with music players, I don't want to listen to a crappy version now, I want to download the music to listen to when I choose to at a later date. Players are a BAD IDEA - they get in the way of the music - and are one of the reasons I loathe MySpace. Ugh ugh ugh ugh UGH.