February 11th, 2006


Unfortunately Gregory...

Remember Googlism? Same idea. I hereby present Unfortunately Gregory...

Unfortunately Gregory has gone to Rome to look for Catherine.
Well... I always wanted to travel.

Unfortunately Gregory was one of the many casualties of the 1968 Communist Tet Offensive, which was probably the major turning point of the Vietnam War.
Man I died before I was even born, hows that for messing with causality?

Unfortunately Gregory's love of drugs and penchant for trouble derailed him at the peak of his career.
Well... shit. Note to self: Drugs are bad Mmmkay?

Unfortunately, Gregory was a bit too otherworldly for those who came after him.
Damn straight! Fear my spectral king-fu biatches!

Unfortunately, Gregory was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disorder of the muscles.
Damnit, if I'm not dead, I'm immobile.

Unfortunately, Gregory did not compare Bush's description of Kerry's words with Kerry's actual remarks.
Whoops. That'll teach me to trust Bush... oh wait.

Unfortunately, Gregory was a young man when my library's edition of the Dictionary was published.
If I'm not dead, or crippled, people are wishing I was an old man. Charming...

Unfortunately, Gregory chose the new king, Rudolph
In my defense - he totally didn't seem the genocidal type. I shook his hand, looked him straight in the eye, what more do you want?

Unfortunately, Gregory isn't quite big enough.
I'm not? Damn, ok.. time to drink that radioactive elixir and become...

GREGZILLA! Destroyer of Stupidity!*

*btw - I challenge anyone on my friends list who is good at drawing (I know there are many of you) to make a better Gregzilla. It shouldn't be hard.