January 23rd, 2006

Dodging Zombies

Greg's Tip Of The Day

Those of you who often visit people's LJ's directly might like this. I generally don't but I still set this up as its nice and simple.

If you are using a Gecko based browser (Mozilla, Firefox, newer version of Netscape, Flock, etc) then here's a nifty trick:
  1. Go to Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks
  2. Create a new Bookmark (I also created a new folder for this)
  3. Now you set up this bookmark like so:
  • Name it whatever you like, I used "LiveJournal Users"
  • Enter the url as http://%s.livejournal.com/ - yes that's a "%s" in there.
  • Give the new bookmark the keyword "lj"
Now save it and, when you want to go to someones LiveJournal you can type "lj Username" (eg - lj beachglass83) in there and go directly to their LJ, even less typing!

This will also work for other sites like MySpace, Deviant Art, etc. Keywords are an extremely useful feature by themselves, the string variables with them make them really powerful. Enjoy! :)