December 31st, 2005


New Years Resolutions

Yes I know it's not New Year yet, shush.

I've never been one for resolutions, mostly I think they are just fake "woulda coulda shoulda"'s to ourselves. However right now in my life is the time I've pretty much been waking up, and sorting my shit out. Good for me.

So what are they? Well its pretty simple really:

Get fit (no, seriously). I know everyone says this kind of thing, but seriously... this is one of my main ones. I've already started on it, 30mins a day of excersises, plus floor work. I've been pretty good at it. Not perfect, but good. The goal is 4inches off the waist by the end of the year. Fuck scales and counting calories: Fitness and jean sizes is what it is all about.

Be a fucking professional. I've put off things I shouldn't have, done things that weren't urgent first, and generally I think this last year has been to teach me this about my work-life: You get out what you put in. Well duh I hear some of you say, but it's different when you see results y'know?

Go for it more. I'm 25. I'm not 18 anymore. Ok, so the world may not revolve around me (or I think it does) anymore, but damnit: I can still change the world, and that starts with me. Stop second guessing, stop delaying. Just do it. As marketing slogans its a dull one, as advice it's not bad. I'm going to stop treating life like a buffet and hovering around it.. trying to pick the good stuff, but being beaten to that nice prawn thing at the end. Time to stand on the table with my pants around my ankles, my shirt unbuttoned, declaring I'm the king of spain and I rule all crustaceans, especially those smothered in delicious sauce.

Fuck yes. It's 4am, no-one messes with my mini-lobsters anymore.

Drink up ladies and gentlemen. The King Of Spain commands it.
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