December 11th, 2005


Oil Explosion

Not too far from me, England burns to the ground...

Oil Depot Blast from Space
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So, not too far west of me, there has been a rather large explosion at an oil depot. It happened not much past 6am, and the smoke is slowly heading this way. It's causing traffic chaos, with motorways closed, most of London under dark clouds of smoke.

It's huge.

It is being treated as an accident, but what an accident. It will be burning for days. Many flights have been cancelled because it would be dangerous to fly out in through the fog. The BBC is running saturated coverage, and the video is startling. The firefighters are trying to prevent the rest of the oil tanks, already visibly warped by the blast, exploding by spraying water on them.

From my window I can see the dark grey smear creeping towards this part of England. It will over central Europe before it stops. Thankfully there have only been a few casualties, and most of them minor injuries. It's pretty incredible to watch.
Oil Depot Blast