September 19th, 2005

fishy wishy


I am sick. I have a headache the feels like Mike Tyson, when he was good, decided to savage me and punch me inbetween the eyes repeatedly.

Bastard brain. No you cannot escape, I have told you this before!

Thankfully I can now look at light objects and focus on the screen. This was not possible this morning.

In other news: I am thinking of selling my car. Mostly because, now that I'm commuting by train into london, I don't really need it as much. Sure I go places in it, but it would be cheaper overall (even if I got taxis!) to sell it. I would certainly have more money at the end of the month, that's for sure.

Anyone know anyone in the UK who wants an excellent condition Aruba Blue Nissan Micra that's just over a year on the road?
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